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самая крупный выигрыш в покере

Самая крупный выигрыш в покере

Джастин Бономо

It is impossible to play poker and not dream about how great it would be to be the same player who earns several hundred thousand dollars by winning prizes. And so that you know that dreams can come true, we will continue онлайн казино установить selection — the richest poker players TOP 5.

He has more than 60 years of poker experience behind him, which many other players will not be able to boast of. Few people know, but Brunson initially planned to build a professional basketball career in the NBA. However, nothing came of самая крупный выигрыш в покере idea, and he began to participate in other competitions — in poker. And that was what was needed.

It is worth noting that it is бесплатное казино онлайн difficult to win at least once in this tournament, not to mention the possibility of a самая крупный выигрыш в покере victory. But Brunson could. Take a note to yourself.

10. Райан Рисс

And although Chris does not know how to turn water into wine, he can successfully turn poker chips into millions of dollars. The native of sunny California, along with his father, began playing poker from a young age.

самая крупный выигрыш в покере

Of course, after 20 years, such a win seems small for the main prize. But do not forget that Chris has passed at least 90 other tournaments, after which he returned with the money.

самая крупный выигрыш в покере

As a teenager, he moved to the United States to escape the civil war in his homeland. America is a country of opportunities, and Farha successfully took advantage of this.]

самая крупный выигрыш в покере



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Самая крупный выигрыш в покере



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